Membership Application

Thank you for considering membership of HPHA. HPHA is a Community Benefit Association which means it is run primarily for the benefit of the community at large, rather than just for members of the society.

HPHA has rules that are a requirement for members to observe. A full set of these rules is available online. You are advised to read these rules in advance of your application. Your application indicates acceptance of these rules in full. Please click on this next button to read this document (opens in a new window).

A particular rule governs applications for membership.

Rule 15

No natural person shall be admitted into membership of the Society unless they have attained the age of 16. All those wishing to become a Member must support the objects of the Society and complete an application for membership which shall include an application for at least one share in the Society. Such an application form must be approved by the Directors and the Directors must approve each application for membership.

Application Process

Your online application will be considered at the next Board meeting for acceptance. You will be notified of acceptance to the membership by email.

HPHA is a small organisation and all of our communication and membership processing is done online. We do not have the resources to support a paper based system.


Our membership process involves collecting payment for one share in the Society using a credit or debit card, through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to be able to apply for membership. You may pay using one of these:

  • A credit card
  • A debit card
  • A PayPal account

Click on one of the buttons below to pay £1 for membership